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Wondery Skin Food - Beach Face 20g

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Handcrafted all natural makeup + skincare that's good enough to eat! 

All our ingredients are natural, vegan, sourced organically and ethically where possible. 

When we remember that natural foods and herbs are powerful, it makes sense that even the most harmless ingredients may not fit your particular skin type. 

Whilst we don’t add anything ‘bad’, processed or chemically enhanced into our products we still encourage you to try it out on a small area first!

This smooth feeling, ultra healing, amazing coverage and sun protecting face cream is the perfect undercoat to your every day.

The tinted one has lilac tones that even out the skin tone, it smells like chocolate and has the benefits of zinc to give you protection from the suns rays and the ultra healing ingredient of frankincense gives you age defying properties like no other.  I mean could an every day face protection cream get any better!?!

Beach Face is available in white for those beach days and tinted for every day and beach wear.