dōTERRA Purify 15ml

dōTERRA Purify 15ml

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dōTERRA Purify® is an exclusive combination of essential oils with a refreshing aroma. This uplifting blend combines citrus and fir essential oils that leave an airy, fresh scent on surfaces and in the air.

A favourite among dōTERRA users, dōTERRA Purify® can be diffused to to provide a refreshing aroma to any room. Containing Lemon and Lime, known for their cleansing properties, along with Siberian Fir essential oils give a distinct, fresh aroma. The addition of Citronella, Tea Tree and Cilantro give this blend an enticing aroma that’s uniquely dōTERRA.


• Diffuse to provide a refreshing aroma to any room.
• Freshen smaller rooms (or a car) by placing a few drops of dōTERRA Purify® Refreshing Blend on a cotton ball.
• Add 5 drops to a small spray bottle with water and use to wipe down countertops.
• Add a few drops to the rinse cycle when doing laundry to help freshen the aroma of the wash cycle.