dōTERRA Clean Multi-Purpose Surface Spray 500ml

dōTERRA Clean Multi-Purpose Surface Spray 500ml

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This surface cleanser harnesses the natural antibacterial and disinfectant power of dōTERRA Tea Tree and dōTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus pure CPTG® essential oils while proudly supporting our local communities with ethical and sustainable Australian-made cleaning products.

Primary Benefits

• Cleansing surface spray formulated with CPTG® essential oils
• Consciously created to be gentle on the environment and safe on food surfaces, while being tough at removing residue.
• Suitable for all surface types

What surfaces can I use the Multi-Purpose Spray on?

Our Multi-Purpose Spray is suitable for all surfaces and spaces: e.g. furniture, floors and windows. It can be used for household cleaning, food and beverage industries, automotive, commercial spaces & offices, transport and more.